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alma shneor עלמה שניאור

Born in Tel Aviv in 1978, Alma Shneor’s practice is defined more by her experimental processes than a specific medium.
Trained as visual and performance artist, Shneor also engages with video, sound, sculpture and experimental photographic practices that play with time and space and the medium itself.


"In my work I explore the limits and abilities of photography and of visual representation, in conveying spiritual worlds. I try to formulate a new discussion about the relationship between opposing or complementary fields such as matter and spirit, the seen and the unseen, knowledge and lack of knowledge, light and darkness, reality and fiction."

"I try to see and photograph with my eyes closed, both literally and figuratively. This process involves an attempt at becoming lost, at making mistakes, diving into the unknown, in the hopes that this will lead me to discover something that I otherwise could not.
I explore the gap or void, trying to represent what lies in between and during moments of transition. Through this exploration I hope to further my understanding and viewpoint of life and of the unconscious."



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